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Thanks to the abundant mineral resources in the Haicheng area, we have been committed to the production and research and development of talc powder for almost 30 years, creating unlimited value from limited resources. Our mission is to make our products precise and specialized!

Jinghua New Material takes talents as the foundation, market as the guide, innovation as the driving force, introduces advanced technologies at home and abroad and establishes an industry university research joint technological innovation system, upgrades traditional products, improves product quality and scientific and technological content, fulfills social responsibilities, and gradually becomes a champion in some segmented markets.

Talcum powder product series  

• We can produce talc powder with different specifications ranging from 325 to 5000 mesh

• The product meets SGS, ROHS, and REACH testing standards

• Widely used in industries such as plastic, rubber, food, coating and paint, our products are highly welcomed by our customers and providing personalized solutions to our customers is our target.

• Qualified for the production of food grade talc powder

• Talcum powder modification is a value-added service we provide to our customers

Application fields: plastics, rubber, food, paint coatings, cosmetic


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